Fostering Sustainable Shipping

12 ways to co-operate for Ship Managers/Operators

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to outline the following ways to co-operate meeting the growing needs of the Ship Manager/Operators community striving towards sustainable shipping and looking to move forward with confidence.

1. [FOC] Stay informed via visiting & subscribe to our newsletters

We post 30 articles per day and zero noise, accommodating approx. 200K monthly visits and update 35,000 contacts on a daily/monthly basis. SAFETY4SEA is the sole and by far the leading voice fostering Safer, Smarter, Greener and Sustainable shipping. Subscribe at

2. [FOC] Host an opinion or Interview of senior key personnel of your organization

We may host an opinion online and/or paper or a video interview as appropriate, e.g. and and promote it via our social media channels and noon reports (daily newsletter).

3. [FOC] Participate in our Watch columns, featured online and on paper

We normally host a short (100-120 words) round of feedback every two months online and on paper channels and you may participate. You may review online version at

4. [FOC] Participate in our industry wide surveys

We are hosting industry wide surveys and benchmarks and you may participate with office and/or fleet to get feedback on strengths and weaknesses against the market e.g.

5. [FOC] Participate as a speaker/delegate in our Forums (SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER4SEA, Crew Welfare)

We are hosting unique, well attended events, both in-person and virtually, every year. More info available at

6. [FOC] Participate in the Awards Scheme (SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, Crew Welfare)

We give away more than 4 sets of awards to more than 30 organizations and personalities every year. More details available at

7. [Fee related] Sponsor a Forum or an Award

We are hosting unique, well attended events, both in-person and virtually, every year and we may deliver a fully tailored package to fit your needs, details at

8. [Fee related] Advertise in our media channels and contribute sponsored content

Our Media Pack and Content Partnership Brochure with several options for either advertising or setting up a fully tailored content partnership, available at

9. [Fee related] Place our paper magazines and/or digital feed onboard your managed fleet

We are providing SAFETY4SEA Plus, an innovative Safety Culture Tool and Regulatory Compliance Service, designed for ship & office use in line with industry, MLC, PSC, Vetting, TMSA, ISGOTT, DryBMS & ESG needs, comprising of a set of paper/digital magazines and content, as per

10. [Fee related] Deliver a Tailor Made Publication/Magazine for your Organization

We deliver PDF to paper formats from 24 to 52 pp, on a quarterly basis (or any other combination) with several options available in line with the latest ILO MLC, TMSA and Best Industry Practice requirements. More details at

11. [Fee related] Use RISK4SEA our PSC/Vetting Analytics platform (

A SaaS platform illuminating PSC performance to Prepare/Assess inspections, Benchmark against competition and Automate functions and alerts to eliminate detentions and minimize OPEX. (

12. [Fee related] Use SAFETY4SEA Academy (Online & Open Workshops)

We deliver a range of Masterclasses & Online training courses to meet the growing needs of the industry.