Fostering Sustainable Shipping

6 ways to co-operate for Industry Experts

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to outline the following ways to co-operate meeting the growing needs of the industry experts striving to move forward with confidence.

1. [FOC] Stay informed via visiting & Daily Noon Reports

We accommodate 100K visits per month and update more than 30K contacts on a daily/weekly basis. SAFETY4SEA is a top 5 Maritime Portal and by far the sole and leading voice fostering Safer, Smarter, Greener and Sustainable shipping.

2. [FOC] Host an opinion of key personnel of your organization

We may host an opinion online and/or paper as appropriate, e.g.

3. [FOC] Host a Video Interview of senior key personnel of your organization

We may host a video interview as appropriate, taken during a major trade show or other event that we are attending every year e.g.

4. [FOC] Participate in our SAFETY, GREEN & SMART Watch column, featured online and on paper

We normally host a short (100-120 words) round of feedback every month online and on paper channels and you may participate. You may review online version at

5. [FOC] Participate as a speaker in our Conferences (SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER4SEA)

We are hosting a unique, well attended set of 12 Forums in Athens & across the globe every year. More info available at

6. [FOC] Participate in the Awards Scheme (SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER4SEA)

We give away more than 4 sets of awards to more than 30 organizations and personalities every year. More info available at